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How To Plan A Whole House Remodeling Project In Orlando

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Are you planning a whole house remodeling project in Orlando but don't know where to start? If you've never remodeled your home before, it's normal to be a little apprehensive about how the process works. You, of course, want to know what to expect and how to get the best results.

Our Orlando remodeling contractors at Sharpe Point Construction want to give you a few tips to help you enjoy a successful whole house remodeling project. The first thing to keep in mind is that remodeling always starts with a good plan. Here's how to develop a good plan.

Gather Remodeling Ideas & Figure Out What You Want

The first step for your Orlando whole house remodeling project is to figure out what you want. To begin, gather ideas and make decisions about what to change. Is getting rid of the floors throughout the house important? Is the floorplan of the house terrible? Figure out what you don't like about your house and what you want in terms of luxury upgrades.

Be sure to ask family members for input. If you don't live alone, you'll want to know what your partner wants. If you have children, be sure to include them in the discussion. What design style do they like? What are their favorite colors? What appliances and upgrades do they want for kitchen remodeling? Get the whole family involved in developing your whole house remodeling plan because they will care about the results too!

Find & Hire a Reliable Remodeling Contractor

Once you have an idea of what you want to change, you'll need to find a reliable remodeling contractor who can go over the details and give you an estimate. You will, of course, want to find a reputable licensed and insured Orlando remodeling contractor.

A general contractor can do just about anything to your home including adding a second story or building a room addition.

Don't limit your remodeling project by hiring contractors who only specialize. You need a remodeling contractor who manages the project completely from start to finish, and that's what a general contractor does. They hire and manage all the specialists necessary to complete your project including the designer.

Develop The Remodeling Plan

Once you get estimates, you'll have an idea of what it will cost to get what you want out of your Orlando home remodeling project.

You'll know more about the scope of work needed to complete the project, how long it will take to complete the work, how much materials cost, and more.

You'll need to develop the remodeling plan around these details and your budget. You'll also want to find financing if you need it.

Develop The Remodeling Design

Once you have an idea of what you want to do, what it will cost to do it, and all the other details, it's time to work out a remodeling design.

A general contractor like us will be able to assist you with the remodeling design. The construction will be based on the details of the design plan, and the project depends on those details.

Work with the designer and be sure to communicate all your wants, needs, and hopes for your home remodeling project so they can help you find creative solutions.

Sign The Remodeling Contract

Be sure that you understand that any bid you sign may become the remodeling contract. Never sign anything unless you completely understand and agree to all the terms.

Read the remodeling contract fully and ask questions about anything that isn't clear. The contract should include:

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